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Recognize the cheerleaders that cheer on those players from the sidelines with medallions, trophies, resin awards, and more.

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SM Medal -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING
SM Medal -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING SM Medal -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING


SM Medal -Cheerleader

This Cheerleader SM medallion is 2 1/2" diameter, available in antique gold, silver or bronze finish with smooth back suitable for engraving, Can also be used as a plaque mount.


Prod #   Description   1-9999+
SMB#SIMSM110-004     $3.54   Add SM Medal -Cheerleader 2 1/2" Antique Gold Cheerleader Star Medallion to Shopping Cart
SMB#SIMSM110-005     $3.54   Add SM Medal -Cheerleader 2 1/2" Antique Silver Cheerleader Star Medallion to Shopping Cart
SMB#SIMSM110-006     $3.54   Add SM Medal -Cheerleader 2 1/2" Antique Bronze Cheerleader Star Medallion to Shopping Cart
Soft Spinner Trophy -Cheer CHEERLEADING


Soft Spinner Trophy -Cheer

This trophy features a soft black disk with pompoms and a megaphone that spins in a gold holder. Mounted to a white slant front genuine marble base, there is plenty of room to personalize for a budget friendly award of achievement.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#J5SCT160     $8.94   Add Soft Spinner Trophy -Cheer 5-3/4" tall to Shopping Cart
Special Edition -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING


Special Edition -Cheerleader

It is almost like getting 2 awards for the price of one with this unique special edition cheerleader award. What makes these awards different is that it actually has 2 different cheerleader poses on either side of the award. The first cheerleader is shown with a pom pom held firmly at her waist while holding the other pom pom high in the air. The second cheerleader has pom poms placed firmly at her sides ready for the next cheer. Standing 8 1/2" tall this award has plenty of room for any of your personalization needs.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PD78506GS     $36.54   Add Special Edition -Cheerleader Special Edition Cheerleader to Shopping Cart
Spin Star with Riser -Cheerleader  CHEERLEADING


Spin Star with Riser -Cheerleader

This Cheerleader Spin Star trophy is sure to make everyone shout. The cheerleader on top has her pom poms in hand and raising her arms in the air as she celebrates her team. The middle of the award is highlighted in a multi-star configuration while a white megaphone along with gold pom poms complete the look. The megaphone and pom poms also spins to give the award a dynamic look and feel. The black marble color finish base has ample area for any of your engraving and personalization needs.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PD93506-G     $14.67   Add Spin Star with Riser -Cheerleader  Cheerleader Spin Star 13" to Shopping Cart
Spinner Medals -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING
Spinner Medals -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING Spinner Medals -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING


Spinner Medals -Cheerleader

These Cheerleader spinner medals are different from all the rest.  A highly detailed design frames the center area setting off sport specific icons of a cheerleader jumping in the air with her pom poms. The center of the medal actually spins to create this unique award.  These awards are 2 5/16"" in diameter and available in gold, silver, or bronze finishes.  The back of these medal have plenty of room for what ever your personalization needs might be  Just add a ribbon and your award is complete.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PDSP-327G     $6.06   Add Spinner Medals -Cheerleader Gold  2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDSP-327S     $6.06   Add Spinner Medals -Cheerleader Silver 2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDSP-327Z     $6.06   Add Spinner Medals -Cheerleader Bronze 2" to Shopping Cart
Spinning Stars Trophy -Cheerleader CHEERLEADING


Spinning Stars Trophy -Cheerleader

Stars, stars, and more stars make this Cheerleader Stars Trophy a one of a kind. The white mega phone with along with highly detailed pom poms in silver and gold tones spins and spins while the stars of various sizes complete the overall dynamic look. The black marble color finish base completes this award that stands 8 3/4" tall and has plenty of room for any of your engraving needs.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PDCHR4     $8.70   Add Spinning Stars Trophy -Cheerleader Spinning Cheerleader Stars 8 3/4" to Shopping Cart
Sport Crystal Cheer  Award CHEERLEADING


Sport Crystal Cheer Award

An Affordable Cheerleading Sport Crystal Award for Team and League Awards with special 3-D Sport Image Inside. Fully Laserable. Includes Deluxe Velour Lined Presentation Box

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
MRC#MAGCRY1292     $35.20   Add Sport Crystal Cheer  Award 4 1/2" X 2" Tall to Shopping Cart
Sport Cup Antique Gold -Cheerleading CHEERLEADING


Sport Cup Antique Gold -Cheerleading

This Sport Cup Cheer award is the perfect way to economically recognize any player. The highly detailed winners cup is set behind a megaphone and pom pom. This antique gold award stands 4 1/2" tall and is available in other sports. Your personalization needs can easily be met with the large plate area to complete this award.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PD53306GS     $11.76   Add Sport Cup Antique Gold -Cheerleading 4 1/2" tall to Shopping Cart
Sport Motion Trophy -Cheer  CHEERLEADING


Sport Motion Trophy -Cheer

A Motion Cheerleader Sport Trophy, including a Tall Full Color Sport Riser, mounted on a White Finish Base

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
MRC#MAGATR106     $19.47   Add Sport Motion Trophy -Cheer  14" Tall to Shopping Cart
Sport Stars Multi-Color -Cheerleading CHEERLEADING


Sport Stars Multi-Color -Cheerleading

This Sport Stars Cheerleading award has many unique features. The award is made up of two shooting stars. A gold finish enhances the lower star while color icons of a megaphone, and pom poms in gold and silver complete the look. With an overall height of 6" tall this is the perfect award for your next cheerleading event. The black base provides plenty of room for your engraving and personalization needs.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PD91506GS     $7.92   Add Sport Stars Multi-Color -Cheerleading 6" tall to Shopping Cart
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