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Capital Trophy - Salem, Oregon
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Hits the ball, runs to 1st, then to 2nd, he rounds past third, the ball is coming in, but he makes it to home plate before the catcher catches the ball. Home run. Now, that deserves a baseball trophy.

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Wreath Sport Ball -Baseball BASEBALL


Wreath Sport Ball -Baseball

A Beautiful Full Color Baseball Sport Award on Black Finish Base with room for a Engraving Plate

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
MRC#MAGRF1730     $8.97   Add Wreath Sport Ball -Baseball 6" Tall to Shopping Cart
Wrist Band -Baseball BASEBALL


Wrist Band -Baseball

If you're looking for a unique award or souvenir at an amazing, budget friendly price point, kids will love collecting and wearing these black and yellow silicone wrist bands.  Available in a variety of sports with eye-catching graphics, you should be able to find exactly what you need.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#JTB501     $1.62   Add Wrist Band -Baseball 2-3/8" diameter to Shopping Cart
Xploding Resin -Baseball Male  BASEBALL


Xploding Resin -Baseball Male

A bat swinging player bursts out of the exploding baseball on this unique resin action award.  This 5 ¼” award is one any baseball star would be thrilled to receive.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#JXP101     $16.20   Add Xploding Resin -Baseball Male  5-1/4" tall to Shopping Cart
XR Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL
XR Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL XR Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL XR Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL


XR Medals -Baseball

These Baseball XR Series medals deliver a stylistic and unique look.  The medals have a detailed wreath pattern that goes around the entire edge of the award framing the sport or activity icons for baseball.  We offer two different baseball medals.  The first medal is 2" in diameter and features a baseball bat, glove with ball and a home plate.  The second medal is available in both a 2" and 1 1/4" version that displays two crossed bat, a baseball and a diamond that completes the look.  All of these awards are  available in gold, silver, or bronze finishes.  The back of these medal have plenty of room for what ever your personalization needs might be  Just add a ribbon and your award is complete.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PDXR-101G     $3.27   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Gold Crossed Bats 1 1/4" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-101S     $3.27   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Silver Crossed Bats 1 1/4" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-101Z     $3.27   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Bronze Crossed Bats 1 1/4" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-200G     $4.80   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Gold Glove  2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-200S     $4.80   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Silver Glove 2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-200Z     $4.80   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Bronze Glove  2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-201G     $4.80   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Gold Crossed Bats 2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-201S     $4.80   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Silver Crossed Bats 2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDXR-201Z     $4.80   Add XR Medals -Baseball  Bronze Crossed Bats 2" to Shopping Cart
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