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Hits the ball, runs to 1st, then to 2nd, he rounds past third, the ball is coming in, but he makes it to home plate before the catcher catches the ball. Home run. Now, that deserves a baseball trophy.

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Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL
Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball  BASEBALL


Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball

Using a variety of silver and gold colors to highlight icons on these Baseball Tri-Colored Series Medals gives them a very distinct look.  The medals sport a couple of unique features like a winner cup and detailed wreath pattern that goes around about half of medal framing the sport or activity icons for baseball.  These baseball medals measure 2" in  diameter. They are shown with a cap, bat and a baseball inside a glove that completes the overall look. All of these awards are  available in gold, silver, or bronze finishes.  The back of these medal have plenty of room for what ever your personalization needs might be  Just add a ribbon and your award is complete.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PDTR-201G     $6.30   Add Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball  Gold  2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDTR-201S     $6.30   Add Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball  Silver 2" to Shopping Cart
PDU#PDTR-201Z     $6.30   Add Tri-Colored Series Medals -Baseball  Bronze 2" to Shopping Cart
Triad Resin -Baseball BASEBALL


Triad Resin -Baseball

From the textured print background of the recessed triangle framed in silver, to the 3 dimensional baseball scene that seems to rise off the center and burst through the border, to the asymmetrical gold base, this fun resin has a lot going on.  This resin is available in several other popular sports, music, and a lamp of knowledge, as well as a 2” insert holder that allows you to customize to your needs.  Simply add a plate to personalize them to your event, and they’re a great budget friendly way to recognize achievement.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#JTRD101     $15.60   Add Triad Resin -Baseball 5-1/2" tall to Shopping Cart
Trophy -Baseball BASEBALL
Trophy -Baseball BASEBALL Trophy -Baseball BASEBALL


Trophy -Baseball

The gold 5" baseball batter at the top of this trophy looks like he's ready for that game winning hit. Standing atop a sparkling blue column mounted on a genuine marble base, this trophy is available in 3 sizes and can be personalized to recognize the accomplishments of your team.  

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#J7S0404     $10.65   Add Trophy -Baseball 8-3/4" tall to Shopping Cart
JDS#J7S0405     $11.40   Add Trophy -Baseball 10-3/4" tall to Shopping Cart
JDS#J7S0406     $12.15   Add Trophy -Baseball 12-3/4" tall to Shopping Cart
Trophy -T-Ball Male BASEBALL


Trophy -T-Ball Male

The little batter standing on this genuine marble base is ready to knock the ball out of the park. Personalize the base to make this what could be the very first trophy for a thrilled little boy.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#J5SCT108     $6.81   Add Trophy -T-Ball Male 5-1/2" tall to Shopping Cart
Trophy Band Resin -Baseball BASEBALL


Trophy Band Resin -Baseball

Kids are going to LOVE this unique baseball award that's actually 2 awards in one!  The resin features a bronze textured "V" as the backdrop, embellished with a gold star, and full color baseball, bat and glove.  The "V" sits atop a base that has ample room to personalize for your event.  Around the top of the base is the bonus award, a black and yellow baseball wrist band that can be taken off and worn!  This award is double the fun with one to display on their shelf, and one to wear on their wrist!

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
JDS#JTBR01     $16.95   Add Trophy Band Resin -Baseball 6-1/2" tall to Shopping Cart
Trophy With Cup -Baseball  BASEBALL


Trophy With Cup -Baseball

Boasting a full color baseball with gold tone stars that accent the top of this award trophy. The elegant cup in the middle is sleek in design with unique handles that adds to this award trophy's striking looks. The black marble finish base puts is the finishing touch.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PD97503-G     $21.75   Add Trophy With Cup -Baseball  Baseball Cup - 15" to Shopping Cart
Twin Stars Resin Award -Baseball BASEBALL


Twin Stars Resin Award -Baseball

Twin Stars Style Baseball Resin Award on Resin Base

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
MRC#MAGRF2501A     $14.22   Add Twin Stars Resin Award -Baseball 5 1/4" to Shopping Cart
MRC#MAGRF2501B     $16.68   Add Twin Stars Resin Award -Baseball 6" to Shopping Cart
Two Tier Trophy -Baseball BASEBALL


Two Tier Trophy -Baseball

Nothing says championship like this beautiful two tier baseball trophy. The batter that tops off the award is shown in full swing after he has just hit the game winning home run. Other highlights of this award trophy is the unique full color baseballs on the columns and the shooting star trims at the top of trophy. this award trophy measures 28" tall and has plenty of room for whatever your personalization needs might be. After you have added this item to your cart, you can modify any of the parts for any sporting or academic activity. Your recipient wont believe their eyes when they see this award trophy!

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
PDU#PDBAS26     $46.59   Add Two Tier Trophy -Baseball Baseball Two-Tier 28" to Shopping Cart
Ultra Action Resin Trophy -Baseball  BASEBALL


Ultra Action Resin Trophy -Baseball

Ultra Action Baseball Sport Bronze Resin Trophy

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
MRC#MAGRF2701     $19.56   Add Ultra Action Resin Trophy -Baseball  6-1/2" Tall to Shopping Cart
Ultra Action Series Sculpted Antique Gold Resin Trophy -Baseball Male BASEBALL


Ultra Action Series Sculpted Antique Gold Resin Trophy -Baseball Male

Ultra Action Series Sculpted Antique Gold Baseball, Male Award

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
MRC#MAGRF2741     $19.47   Add Ultra Action Series Sculpted Antique Gold Resin Trophy -Baseball Male 8" to Shopping Cart
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