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Executive Gift Awards

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  Executive Gift Awards
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Executive Gift Awards

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Chosen specifically for the corporate executive, this collection of finely crafted gift items are perfect for any executive or person in management. A Truly elegant collection of clocks, desk items, wall items to be used as a functional product. Each item can be personalized with your custom laser engraved text.

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Highest Honor Executive Gift Awards


Highest Honor

"Like the great seal of the Emperor, very few achieve this level of distinction..."

 Pate de Verre as a material, is a 24-percent lead crystal paste made from specially produced batches of granular crystal. The creation of items in pate de verre through the "lost-wax" technique is a very complex and time consuming process requiring abundant skills. The result after the successful application of these skills are true works of art, possessing an unique translucency, texture and substance, which cannot be achieved with blown glass or molded glass.  This piece is a beautiful result of the technique, and radiates a sense of power. The frosted column is beautifully accented by the crystal base, representing the beauty of Pate de Verre. *US Copyrighted 

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
TMW#TE2932     $759.00   Add Highest Honor 6-1/2"H x 5-1/2"W x 5-1/2"D to Shopping Cart

Hinged Pen Box Rosewood Finish Executive Gift Awards


Hinged Pen Box Rosewood Finish

Matte rosewood finish pen box, holds a single pen only. Laser engravable. Individually boxed. Pen Not Included.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
TAF#TPPB5656-R     $21.00   Add Hinged Pen Box Rosewood Finish 6-5/8" wide x 2-1/4" tall to Shopping Cart

House Paperweight Executive Gift Awards


House Paperweight

Professionals in the real estate, mortgage or home-building business can use the crystal house paperweight to recognize sales success!

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
CRD#CD5505     $69.84   Add House Paperweight 4" W x 3" H x 3/4" D to Shopping Cart

Imperial Award Executive Gift Awards


Imperial Award

Only the highest performers deserve the quality and beauty of the Imperial Award. It is a dynamic symbol of recognition and praise.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
CRD#CD7254     $644.70   Add Imperial Award 6-1/4" W x 17-3/4" H x 6-1/4" D to Shopping Cart

Innovation Award Executive Gift Awards


Innovation Award

The Innovation Award symbolizes innovation and growth. Reward individuals who embrace new ideas with the Innovation Award.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
CRD#CD6974     $510.30   Add Innovation Award 4" W x 12" H x 4" D to Shopping Cart

Invincible Award Executive Gift Awards

PDF Template for Invincible Award Executive Gift Awards

Invincible Award

The crisp shape of the Invincible Award, combined with accent bevels, creates a stunning and flawless crystal award. The award is centered on a cylindrical black crystal base.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
CRD#CD6923     $226.81   Add Invincible Award 3" Dia. x 10" H to Shopping Cart
CRD#CD6924     $294.00   Add Invincible Award 3-1/2" Dia. x 12" H to Shopping Cart
CRD#CD6925     $365.40   Add Invincible Award 4" Dia. x 14" H to Shopping Cart

Ionic Column Executive Gift Awards

PDF Template for Ionic Column Executive Gift Awards

Ionic Column

Reward the pillars of success within your company with the stunning optical crystal Ionic Column award. The unique architectural design of the Ionic Column represents a solid foundation. Add a personalized message on the optical crystal base to make the Ionic Column a stunning tribute to the most deserving employee!

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
CRD#CD6990     $285.60   Add Ionic Column 3" W x 8" H x 3" D to Shopping Cart
CRD#CD6991     $315.00   Add Ionic Column 3-3/8" W x 9" H x 3-3/8" D to Shopping Cart
CRD#CD6992     $375.90   Add Ionic Column 3-3/4" W x 10" H x 3-3/4" D to Shopping Cart

Jade Glass Golf Pinnacle Glass  Executive Gift Awards


Jade Glass Golf Pinnacle Glass

Jade Glass Golf Pinnacle Glass 1/2" Thick Half optical crystal golf ball attached. Base attached. Cardboard gift boxed.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
TZGPG01     $82.28   Add Jade Glass Golf Pinnacle Glass  6-1/2"H x 5"W x 3"D to Shopping Cart
TZGPG02     $91.96   Add Jade Glass Golf Pinnacle Glass  8-1/2"H x 5"W x 3"D to Shopping Cart
TZGPG03     $101.64   Add Jade Glass Golf Pinnacle Glass  10-1/2"H x 5"W x 3"D to Shopping Cart

Jade Glass Ruler 12 Executive Gift Awards


Jade Glass Ruler 12

Stationary Jade Glass Gift Ruler 12" Cardboard gift box included.                 

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
TMW#TGRU6     $10.56   Add Jade Glass Ruler 12 6-1/4"H x 2"W x 3/16"D to Shopping Cart
TMW#TGRU12     $15.40   Add Jade Glass Ruler 12 12-1/4"H x 2"W x 3/16"D to Shopping Cart

Jade Marble Plaque Executive Gift Awards


Jade Marble Plaque

The Jade Marble Plaque that cab be mounted on a wall or on a shelf using the built-in easel. This item can be engraved, color-filled, or adapt color printed. This item is currently available in only one size.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
AAA#AMACSJ-703S     $66.11   Add Jade Marble Plaque 7" x 9" x 1" to Shopping Cart
AAA#AMACSJ-703M     $74.89   Add Jade Marble Plaque 8" x 10" x 1" to Shopping Cart
AAA#AMACSJ-703L     $88.34   Add Jade Marble Plaque 9" x 11" x 1" to Shopping Cart
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